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  • 1. Site Availability:

    The Site, http://www.NewLeafHotels.com is accessible globally to anyone with Internet access. However, the site, http://www.NewLeafHotels.com may not be continuously available due to maintenance or repairs or due to computer problems or crashes, disruption in Internet service or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • 2. Use of http://www.NewLeafHotels.com :

    You may only use http://www.NewLeafHotels.com to make genuine and valid reservations or purchases. You may not use http://www.NewLeafHotels.com to make any fraudulent, false and exploratory reservation(s). You will be liable, financially and otherwise, for all uses of this website. You will be responsible to keep your passwords, user names and account information in confidentiality.

  • 3. Reservations:

    All reservations made on http://www.NewLeafHotels.com will be considered conditional and subject to availability until a confirmation number is given to the guest to substantiate the reservations by E-mail or FAX. The hotel may communicate with the guests to re-confirm the reservations and to prevent any simulated bookings.

  • 4. Amendment and Cancellation:

      1. NewLeafHotels.com will not be liable should it fail to provide its products and services due to unavailability of rooms in the case of modifications or amendments to existing bookings.
      2. The hotel reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee of per room per night in the event of a late cancellation notice or a no-show at the hotel.

  • 5. Limits of Liability:

      1. In the event that NewLeafHotels.com, for reasons beyond its control, needs to reject or change confirmed reservations, it will use all reasonable attempt to facilitate the circumstances. This is the limit of the hotel's liability.
      2. NewLeafHotels.com does not guarantee acknowledgement of reservations or transactions made on this site arising from unforeseen circumstances, omissions or errors that may sometimes occur.
      3. NewLeafHotels.com is and shall not be liable or held responsible for any direct or consequential damages that may result from the use of or the inability to use NewLeafHotels.com
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  • 6. Charges and Payment Terms:

      1. NewLeafHotels.com reserves the right to charge a deposit, where applicable, on confirmation of a reservation. In the event of non-payment, we hold the right to cancel the booking without liability and retain the deposit.
      2. Deposits can be charged to a credit card or be made by cash

  • 7. Special Offers and Promotions:

    Offers and Promotions are subject to specific terms, conditions and restrictions listed on NewLeafHotels.com. We reserve the right to modify or alter any program, offer or promotion at any time.

  • 8. Disclaimer:

      1. NewLeafHotels.com does not the accuracy, timeliness, currency and completeness of the contents, including without limitation, any information relating to rates and room availability.
      2. NewLeafHotels.com disclaims any warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, as to any matter whatsoever relating to this web site and other worldwide web links including without limitation, as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

  • 9. Ownership:

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  • 10. User Conduct:

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  • 11. Prohibited Acts:

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          8. Selling or otherwise transferring your profile
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